Connection Simplified

Your Full Supply Chain: Right in Front of You

Contour enables connection between producers and retailers of the best cannabis in Washington. We make communication, inventory management, and purchasing easy, so you can focus on building your business.

Contour Makes Connecting Easy

We believe in continual innovation within the Cannabis supply chain. Contour exists to enhance simplicity and transparency, advancing the frontier of cannabis.

Contour is designed to integrate tasks and automation that smooth the B2B cannabis experience. It allows producers and retailers to have conversations, monitor inventories, and submit purchase orders quickly and conveniently.

Tools to Simplify

Real Time Inventory Alerts

Know how much product you have on hand at a glance, and get notified when it is time to order fresh fire.

Automated Purchase Orders

Create and send PO's in seconds, direct to your favourite growers and producers.

Product Transparency

Check out new products as they come online from your favourite growers and producers in real time.

Don't Fall Behind

If you are still relying on long sales meetings, unreturned phone calls, and cluttered email threads to manage your supply chain and inventories, you are leaving valuable time and money on the table. Put down the phone and get all of your connections in one place.

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